Crowns are used mainly to restore badly decayed or fractured teeth, to realign crooked teeth, or to cover up badly discoloured teeth. We offer a large range of crowns to suit different situations, including:

Porcelain bonded to metal: These cowns have a metal core for strength cover with a aesthetic covering of porcelain. A tried and tested type of crown which is suitable for most situations, particularly at the back of the mouth.
These crowns come in a variety of metals some of which allow slightly greater strength and better appearance at a higher coat.

All porcelain: modern high strength porcelains offer the very best aesthetics with a natural translucency which makes these crowns a great choice for front teeth when it is technically possible to use them. Again there are a variety of all porcelain crowns including some made with CAD/CAM technology which not only look great but are extremely strong.

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